Administrative services

Administrative Services

We know that a patient’s experience starts and ends at a front desk. Friendly and knowledgeable front desk staff help put your patients at ease and help create a trustful long lasting patient relationship.
Shortage of qualified staff in recent years has impacted medical and dental practices across the country. Additionally, hiring and training of new staff is a very time consuming and puts a burden on the practices.
AR Practice Solutions understand these issues very well and offer variety of solutions for front desk services. You can choose from our full service package or add any of the following to support your current front desk staff.
  • Answering existing patient emails, text message and phone calls
  • New and established patient appointment scheduling
  • Appointment reminder calls
  • Patient reach out calls 
  • Keeping all patient charts current and correct
  • Obtain co-payments at the time of service
  • Reaching out to patient’s via phone, email or texting for any pending balance 
  • New patient intake set up
    • Answering new patients inquiries about practice
    • Sending and making sure that all intake forms are complete
    • Acquire patients consent and waivers
    • Verify insurance, eligibility and attain prior authorization
    • Create new patients’ chart in EHR
    • Schedule initial evaluation